Woman's Best Friend
Genre Romance
Author Dodam
Illustrator Hyun Sung Lee
English Publisher Tapas

Woman's Best Friend is a webtoon by Dodam and Hyun Sung Lee.


There’s a crazy dog at Sungwoon Publishing Company. It has an expressionless face, a monotone voice, cold and dark eyes, and a difficult personality. Its name is Woojoon Seo.

But is this man really crazy?

Taeryung is exhausted from love, work, and even her her own family. To the tired Taeryung, Woojoon’s gentle and tender actions seem more like of a loveable pet than of a crazy dog. She doesn’t know what to make of him! At times, he seems like a loyal doberman and others, a cute maltese. What's a girl to do?


  • Taeryung Han – Taeryung is a new employee at Sungwoon Publishing Company. Although the work is hard and the manager seems unbearably strict, Taeryung is determined to work hard and succeed. She has a twin sister named Taein who tends to receive all of their parents’ attention due to her fragile health.
  • Woojoon Seo – Woojoon is the editor-in-chief of Filda, a magazine for women, and a legend in the publishing industry — but not only because of his talent. He’s widely known as a “crazy dog”: a cold-hearted perfectionist who can always find something to criticize. But what really lies beneath that crazy dog exterior?

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