위 온
Alternate Names We On: Be the Shield
Genre Sci-Fi
Status Ongoing
Author Park Jong-sung
Illustrator I Soon-Ki
Publisher Nate
English Publisher Tapastic
Seasons Two
Chapters 28+
Original Run August 8, 2014 - April 2, 2015

We-On is a webtoon by Park Jong-sung and I Soon-Ki.


When the world is threatened by a parasitic alien invasion, our only hope lies with a group of super powered teenagers. But how can they save the world when they can hardly save themselves? Teamwork, optimism, and good intentions are seemingly no longer enough as each enemy is stronger than the last. They’re going to save the world, or simply die trying.

External LinksEdit

  • We-On at Nate (Korean)
  • We-On at Tapastic (English, Pay)

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