Steel Rain
Genre Drama
Status Completed
Author Woo-Suk Yang and Zephy
Illustrator Zephy
Publisher Daum
English Publisher Spottoon
Chapters 32
Original Run April 28, 2011

Steel Rain is a webtoon with story by Woo-Suk Yang and Zephy with art by Zephy.


The news of Kim Jong-Il's death from Pyongyang leads to a coup in North Korea. While the hawks in the North Korean military push the Korean peninsula to the brink of an all-out nuclear war, Park, an assistant secretary at Blue House and the President's nephew in Seoul, finds himself at the very crux of international power game surrounding the peninsula. With his pregnant wife held as hostage in North Korea, Park has to play his own game of confidence and tricks - It's a showdown with a nuclear war at stake.

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