RollingStory is a global transmedia company that focuses on webtooon, or digital comics, content. It is the creator of the webtoon servicing platform, Spottoon, that provides English-language webtoons to an international audience.


The company was founded in December 2014, by the Hankyoreh Media Group and Toonion, a comic book artists union, with the initial mission to create a webtoon servicing platform for an English-language audience. With an established library containing titles such as Moss by acclaimed webtoon artist, Yoon Tae-Ho and Amanza Drama by Bo-Tong Kim, RollingStory adopted an overlaying mission to "move people with great stories" through its service.

Upon its creation and prior to the launch of its own servicing platform, Spottoon, RollingStory announced a partnership with the Huffington Post that would allow for the publication of several titles on the company's online news site. This service began in July 2015 and currently, nine titles are available through The Huffington Post site with two new episodes of each series released each week.

RollingStory also entered a representation deal with Batman producer Michael Uslan and his son David Uslan for the potential live-action adaptations of several webtoons in the Spottoon library. It was announced that Peak, a webtoon about a group of young men completing their military service, would be the first to go into development. Two other webtoons, Tribe X and The Clockworkers were also a part of the deal. This deal represents its overall approach to its content as "one-source, multi-use" content.

In September of 2015, RollingStory took part in the first exhibition devoted to webtoons in the United States. Titled "WEBTOON," the exhibition was organized by the Korean Cultural Service of New York and chronicled the history of webtoon culture. Titles from the Spottoon collection were featured throughout the exhibition and films that were adapted from webtoons, such as Moss and Secretly, Greatly were screened as a part of the event.


RollingStory launched Spottoon in July of 2015. Twenty webtoon series were carefully chosen to be a part of the first wave of English translated releases. New episodes for each series are released every week and new series are being added on a continuous basis. It is currently one of only two webtoon platforms that legally publishes webtoons in English.

Spottoon can be accessed through its main website and through its andrioid and iOS apps.

List of WebtoonsEdit

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