Murder DIEary
Alternate Names "(Murderer O’s Bewilderment)"
Status Completed
Illustrator NOMABI
Publisher Naver
Chapters 10
Original Run July 9, 2010 - September 3, 2010

"Murder DIEary" AKA "Murderer O’s Bewilderment" is a Korean webtoon by NOMABI. The webtoon about an accidental serial killer won a special Korea Content Award from the Korean Creative Content Agency in 2011.


One day, Tang Lee finds that he's become a serial killer, but all his victims happen to be evil criminals. Is he truly a cold-blooded murderer or some kind of grim hero? Meanwhile, there's a cop getting too close for Tang Lee's liking and another murderer who thinks he is a judge. Will Tang Lee be able to make a difference with his debauchery?

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