Measure of a Bully
일진의 크기
Alternate Names Height of Him, His Height
Genre School
Status Ongoing
Author Yun Pil
Illustrator Joo Myung
Publisher Daum
English Publisher Spottoon
Seasons Two
Chapters 47+

Measure of a Bully is a webtoon by Yun Pil and Joo Myung.


Lang Choi is the big man on campus. With his towering height, good grades, and exceptional abilities at sports both classmates and teachers are afraid to stand up to him and he rules the school with an iron fist. But the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Lang is about to learn how hard it is to climb back up from the bottom when a mysterious illness pushes him from the top of the food chain. Will his new social status teach him a valuable lesson?

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