Heartthrob Daycare Center
꽃미남 어린이집
Alternate Names Handsome Daycare Center
Genre Comedy, Romance
Status Ongoing
Author Hamil
Illustrator Suyeon Park
Release Day Tuesday
Publisher Bom Toom
English Publisher Tappytoon
Chapters 48+
Original Run August 8, 2016 - Present

Heartthrob Daycare Center is a webtoon by Hamil & Suyeon Park.


Full of Love Daycare ensures each child is ready for the 21st century, and its hunky teachers are the heart-stopping crushes of all the town moms. With a sudden job opening, the daycare has an opening for a male teacher. A biker woman mistakenly applies for the job. The center then reluctantly hires its first female teacher. Plunked in between her muscle-clad colleagues, can she survive the glares of jealous mothers, let alone the hectic kids in her class?

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