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Alternate Names Denma the Quanx
Genre Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Action, Comedy, Romance
Status Ongoing
Author Yang Young-soon
Illustrator Yang Young-soon
Publisher Naver
English Publisher LINE Webtoon
Seasons 3
Volumes 8 + Rami Record = 9
Chapters 1149+
Original Run January 8, 2010 -

Denma is a Naver webtoon with story and art by Yang Young-soon.


Silverquick is an intergalactic courier delivery services corporate that hires Quanx with special abilities as their delivery men. Dike a.k.a the Merciless Death of Planet Urano becomes indebted to Silverquick, and becomes trapped inside a body of a small child named Denma. He takes off in a journey of making interstellar deliveries in hope of paying off his debt and reclaiming his body...

In 1994, Yang Young-soon created a comic MAAT. This is the main character of Maat, a high priest of the SF-style religious group. And in 1998, the author created a comic Cheolgyeonmujeok ('Dog Made of Iron has No Trace') and the SF-style religious group also appears. The main character is Abigail, who changed both arms into cyborgs, and Yujin appears. The background is planet Gaia. In 2005, the author created a comic Sambanijo and it deals with the contents related to the past life, and shows how to get the super power. In 2008, the author created a webtoon Rami Record. The SF-style religious group is named the Church of Madonna. The main character is Rami, who's pre-priestess, and Soy, Jay, Abigail, Jun, Guardian priests, Agnes appears. It also appears the past life, and the super power. In 2010, the author created this work. The main character is Denma/Dike, and the characters of Cheolgyeonmujeok and Rami Record are gathered together and the story follows. And the super power is named the Quanx. Ran of this work's name motif is said to be based on Ran, who's the protagonist of Ran's Formula. Ran of this work causes events by using the causality, like Ran of Ran's Formula.

In January 2018, Since Times signed an intellectual property contract. Since Times will use this to show casual RPG. link (Korean) Later, it's revealed in July of the same year that a mobile strategy card RPG Densinma with NAVER WEBTOON (덴신마 with NAVER WEBTOON) will be released. This is a game with 3 webtoons. One is Sindorim and the other is One of them is the Devil. link (Korean)

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