Dear Boy
Alternate Names An Eye for an Eye
Status Ongoing
Author Sgt
Illustrator Sgt
Publisher Lezhin
English Publisher Lezhin
Chapters 75+

Dear Boy is a Lezhin webtoon by Sgt.


Yong Ju, a student who seems to not understand why his friend, Dong Ho, gets constantly picked on by his peers. Then one day, when the Dong Ho disappears, Yong Ju inherits his friend´s harassment. He, unlike his friend won't let this slide, fights back, beating the student that picked on his friend. He finds out that he's taking more than he chew but that's where things go up a notch or three.

External LinksEdit

  • Dear Boy at Lezhin Comics (Korean, need to change the language settings on your PC to Korean to view}
  • Shounen yo at Lezhin Comics (Japanese, need to change the language settings on your PC to Korean to view}
  • An Eye for an Eye at Lezhin Comics (English)
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