Back to the Highteen
백투더 하이틴
Genre Comedy, Romance
Status Complete
Author Kisun
Illustrator Hong-Sul
Release Day Saturday
Publisher Kakao
English Publisher Spottoon
Chapters 108
Original Run June 26, 2014 - September 8, 2016

Back to the Highteen is a webtoon written by Kisun with art by Hong-Sul


Bo-Young is 28 years old and still struggling to finish college because she can’t afford the tuition. After being unceremoniously dumped by the boyfriend she had supported over the years, Bo-Young gets the chance to get herself out of her stagnant life when she accepts a position to pose as a high school student for a year. All she has to do is avoid getting caught. The problem is, that the student she's posing as has a bit of a reputation.

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