Genre Sci-Fi, Action, Fantasy
Status Hiatus
Author Kim Dazzi
Illustrator Kim Dazzi
Publisher Daum, Kim Dazzi's Youtube channel
English Publisher TappyToon
Seasons Three
Original Run Daum: December 9, 2012 - September 8, 2014
Kim Dazzi's Youtube channel: April 2, 2017 -

Automata is a webtoon by Kim Dazzi.


In the near future, a mysterious entity called 'A-R' has bridged the physical and cyber dimension, advancing humankind. Meanwhile, agents of the global conglomerate ATMT are tasked with directly interfacing into tech networks to maintain and upgrade machines. When some of these 'Automata' discover unexpected new powers in the realm of everything that is connected, sides are chosen between rogue units, viruses, and even the corporation itself. Sharle, a newbie Automata, and his supporter CC now seek answers as they navigate an underworld of dangerous bytes that's about to burst onto reality.

In September 2014, the work is on hiatus an unexplained reason. The contract with Daum hasn't been completed so the work can't be continued in other sites. After completing Kim Dazzi's next work, the author announced that the author would continue to serialize this work elsewhere. Since April 2, 2017, this work is serialized in the form of animations that gave a simple effect on video at Youtube.

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